DVU-OLF1 R1 – Universal Olympus/Fuji Battery Charger by Empire


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This model works with the following:
Empire BLI-174
Empire BLI-183
Empire BLI-203
Empire BLI-222
Empire BLI-224
Empire BLI-228
Empire BLI-240
Empire BLI-255
Empire BLI-257
Empire BLI-269
Empire BLI-272
Empire BLI-299
Empire BLI-301
Empire BLI-306
Empire BLI-317
Empire BLI-329
Empire BLI-331
Empire BLI-339
Empire BLI-342
Empire BLI-355
Empire BLI-389
Empire BLI-407
Empire BLI-409
Empire BLI-427
Fuji NP-100
Fuji NP-120
Fuji NP-140
Fuji NP-150
Fuji NP-30
Fuji NP-40
Fuji NP-45
Fuji NP-50
Fuji NP-60
Fuji NP-70
Fuji NP-80
Fuji NP-95
Olympus BLM-1
Olympus BLM-5
Olympus BLS-1
Olympus BLS-5
Olympus Li10B
Olympus Li12B
Olympus Li20B
Olympus Li30B
Olympus Li40B
Olympus LI42B
Olympus Li50B
Olympus Li60B
Olympus LI70B
Olympus LI80B
Olympus LI90B
Olympus LI92B


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