DVU-KFC1 R1 – Universal Kodak/Fuji/Casio Battery Charger by Empire


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This model works with the following:
Casio NP-100
Casio NP-100
Casio NP-110
Casio NP-120
Casio NP-20
Casio NP-30
Casio NP-40
Casio NP-45
Casio NP-50
Casio NP-50
Casio NP-60
Casio NP-60
Casio NP-70
Casio NP-80
Casio NP-82
Casio N[-90
Empire BLI-174
Empire BLI-183
Empire BLI-203
Empire BLI-216
Empire BLI-222
Empire BLI-228
Empire BLI-236
Empire BLI-251
Empire BLI-255
Empire BLI-261
Empire BLI-272
Empire BLI-285
Empire BLI-286
Empire BLI-299
Empire BLI-300
Empire BLI-310
Empire BLI-316
Empire BLI-321
Empire BLI-327
Empire BLI-329
Empire BLI-330
Empire BLI-331
Empire BLI-337
Empire BLI-342
Empire BLI-349
Empire BLI-353
Empire BLI-365
Empire BLI-374
Empire BLI-383
Empire BLI-397
Fuji NP-100
Fuji NP-120
Fuji NP-140
Fuji NP-30
Fuji NP-40
Fuji NP-40N
Fuji NP-45
Fuji NP-50
Fuji NP-60
Fuji NP-80
Fuji NP-95
Kodak KLIC-3000
Kodak KLIC-5000
Kodak KLIC-5001
Kodak KLIC-7000
Kodak KLIC-7001
Kodak KLIC-7002
Kodak KLIC-7003
Kodak KLIC-7004
Kodak KLIC-7005
Kodak KLIC-7006
Kodak KLIC-8000


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