DVU-PRS1 R1 – Universal Pentax/Ricoh/Sanyo Battery Charger by Empire


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This model works with the following:
Empire BLI-174
Empire BLI-183
Empire BLI-208
Empire BLI-222
Empire BLI-224
Empire BLI-228
Empire BLI-236
Empire BLI-238
Empire BLI-244
Empire BLI-259
Empire BLI-272
Empire BLI-284
Empire BLI-294
Empire BLI-299
Empire BLI-300
Empire BLI-311
Empire BLI-323
Empire BLI-331
Empire BLI-333
Empire BLI-344
Empire BLI-363
Empire BLI-364
Empire BLI-371
Empire BLI-372
Empire BLI-387
Empire NLI-203
Pentax D-Li1
Pentax D-Li106
Pentax D-LI122
Pentax D-Li2
Pentax D-LI50
Pentax D-Li63
Pentax D-Li68
Pentax D-Li7
Pentax D-LI72
Pentax D-LI78
Pentax D-Li8
Pentax D-LI85
Pentax D-Li88
Pentax D-Li90
Pentax D-Li92
Pentax D-LI95
Ricoh DB-100
Ricoh DB-20
Ricoh DB-30
Ricoh DB-34
Ricoh DB-40
Ricoh DB-43
Ricoh DB-50
Ricoh DB-60
Ricoh DB-65
Ricoh DB-70
Ricoh DB-80
Ricoh DB-90
Ricoh DS-6365
Sanyo DB-L10
Sanyo DB-L20
Sanyo DB-L30
Sanyo DB-L40
Sanyo DB-L50
Sanyo DB-L80
Sanyo DB-L90
Sanyo DS-5370
Sanyo NP-40


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