CPH-496 – 3.6V 850mAh NiMH HHR-P104


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Compatible with:
Again & Again: STB 941, STB941
Battery Biz: B-779
Dantona: BATT-104, BATT104
Empire: CPH-496, CPH496
Energizer: ER-P104, ERP104
GE: TL96411, TL26411, TL86411, TL-96411, TL-26411, TL-86411
Hi Capacity: B779
Interstate Batteries: ATEL0006, TEL0006
Lenmar: CB0-104, CB0104
NABC: 721096000, STB104, STB941
Panasonic: 23968, 439024, 439025, 439026, 439030, 439031, HHR-P104, HHR-P104A, KX-FG6550, KX-FPG391, KX-TG2302, KX-TG2303, KX-TG2312, KX-TG2313, KX-TG2314, KX-TG2322, KX-TG2335, KX-TG2336, KX-TG2343, KX-TG2344, KX-TG2346, KX-TG2355, KX-TG2356, KX-TG2357, KX-TG2386, KX-TG2388, KX-TG2480, KX-TG4500, KX-TG5050, KX-TG5055, KX-TG5200, KX-TG5202, KX-TG5210, KX-TG5212, KX-TG5213, KX-TG5230, KX-TG5240, KX-TG5242, KX-TG5243, KX-TG5421, KX-TG5422, KX-TG5423, KX-TG5428, KX-TG5431, KX-TG5432, KX-TG5433, KX-TG5436, KX-TG5438, KX-TG5439, KX-TG5451, KX-TG5452, KX-TG5453, KX-TG5456, KX-TG5471, KX-TG5480, KX-TG5561, KX-TG5566, KX-TG5571, KX-TG5576, KX-TG5583, KX-TG5621, KX-TG5622, KX-TG5623, KX-TG5631, KX-TG5632, KX-TG5633, KX-TG5634, KX-TG5651, KX-TG5652, KX-TG5653, KX-TG5664, KX-TG5671, KX-TG5672, KX-TG5673, KX-TG6500, KX-TG6502, KX-TGA233, KX-TGA234, KX-TGA236, KX-TGA248, KX-TGA450B, KX-TGA500, KX-TGA520, KX-TGA523, KX-TGA541, KX-TGA542, KX-TGA545, KX-TGA546, KX-TGA547, KX-TGA548, KX-TGA549, KX-TGA550, KX-TGA551, KX-TGA552, KX-TGA560, Type 29, HHR-P104A/1B, KX-FGP378, KX-FGP379, KX-TG2300, KX-TG2302B, KX-TG2302S, KX-TG2302W, KX-TG2312B, KX-TG2312S, KX-TG2312W, KX-TG2313B, KX-TG2313S, KX-TG2313W, KX-TG2314B, KX-TG2314S, KX-TG2314W, KX-TG2322B, KX-TG2322S, KX-TG2322W, KX-TG2336B, KX-TG2336S, KX-TG2336W, KX-TG2343B, KX-TG2343S, KX-TG2343W, KX-TG2344B, KX-TG2344S, KX-TG2344W, KX-TG2346B, KX-TG2346S, KX-TG2346W, KX-TG2347, KX-TG2355B, KX-TG2355S, KX-TG2355W, KX-TG2356B, KX-TG2356BP, KX-TG2356S, KX-TG2356W, KX-TG2357B, KX-TG2357PK, KX-TG2382B, KX-TG2386B, KX-TG2388B, KX-TG2396, KX-TG2397, KX-TG2400, KX-TG2405, KX-TG2480S, KX-TG2431, KX-TG2500, KX-TG2550, KX-TG2560, KX-TG2570, KX-TG2575, KX-TG2620B, KX-TG2620W, KX-TG2622W, KX-TG2631, KX-TG2631W, KX-TG2632B, KX-TG2650, KX-TG2670, KX-TG2680, KX-TG5050W, KX-TG5055W, KX-TG5200M, KX-TG5202M, KX-TG5210M, KX-TG5212M, KX-TG5230M, KX-TG5240M, KX-TG5242M, KX-TG5243M, KX-TG5421B, KX-TG5421S, KX-TG5421W, KX-TG5422M, KX-TG5423M, KX-TG5428F, KX-TG5428R, KX-TG5431S, KX-TG5431W, KX-TG5432M, KX-TG5433M, KX-TG5438F, KX-TG5438S, KX-TG5439S, KX-TG5441, KX-TG5451S, KX-TG5452M, KX-TG5456S, KX-TG5480S, KX-TG5561M, KX-TG5566M, KX-TG5571M, KX-TG5576M, KX-TG5577, KX-TG5621S, KX-TG5622M, KX-TG5623B, KX-TG5631S, KX-TG5633B, KX-TG5651S, KX-TG5652M, KX-TG5653B, KX-TG5654, KX-TG5776, KX-TG6500B, KX-TG6502B, KX-TG6700, KX-TG6700B, KX-TG6702B, KX-TGA238, KX-TGA450, KX-TGA520M, KX-TGA523M, KX-TGA550M, KX-TGA551M, KX-TGA552M, KX-TGA650, KX-TGA6500, KX-TX5050W, KX-TG6500B, KX-TGA650B, KX-TG2314PK, KX-TG5583PK, KX-TH102, KX-TH111, KX-TH112, KX-THA11, KX-THA12, KX-THA17, KX-THA19, Type29, HHRP104A/1B, KXFGP378, KXFGP379, KXTG2300, KXTG2302B, KXTG2302S, KXTG2302W, KXTG2312B, KXTG2312S, KXTG2312W, KXTG2313B, KXTG2313S, KXTG2313W, KXTG2314B, KXTG2314S, KXTG2314W, KXTG2322B, KXTG2322S, KXTG2322W, KXTG2336B, KXTG2336S, KXTG2336W, KXTG2343B, KXTG2343S, KXTG2343W, KXTG2344B, KXTG2344S, KXTG2344W, KXTG2346B, KXTG2346S, KXTG2346W, KXTG2347, KXTG2355B, KXTG2355S, KXTG2355W, KXTG2356B, KXTG2356BP, KXTG2356S, KXTG2356W, KXTG2357B, KXTG2357PK, KXTG2382B, KXTG2386B, KXTG2388B, KXTG2396, KXTG2397, KXTG2400, KXTG2405, KXTG2480S, KXTG2431, KXTG2500, KXTG2550, KXTG2560, KXTG2570, KXTG2575, KXTG2620B, KXTG2620W, KXTG2622W, KXTG2631, KXTG2631W, KXTG2632B, KXTG2650, KXTG2670, KXTG2680, KXTG5050W, KXTG5055W, KXTG5200M, KXTG5202M, KXTG5210M, KXTG5212M, KXTG5230M, KXTG5240M, KXTG5242M, KXTG5243M, KXTG5421B, KXTG5421S, KXTG5421W, KXTG5422M, KXTG5423M, KXTG5428F, KXTG5428R, KXTG5431S, KXTG5431W, KXTG5432M, KXTG5433M, KXTG5438F, KXTG5438S, KXTG5439S, KXTG5441, KXTG5451S, KXTG5452M, KXTG5456S, KXTG5480S, KXTG5561M, KXTG5566M, KXTG5571M, KXTG5576M, KXTG5577, KXTG5621S, KXTG5622M, KXTG5623B, KXTG5631S, KXTG5633B, KXTG5651S, KXTG5652M, KXTG5653B, KXTG5654, KXTG5776, KXTG6500B, KXTG6502B, KXTG6700, KXTG6700B, KXTG6702B, KXTGA238, KXTGA450, KXTGA520M, KXTGA523M, KXTGA550M, KXTGA551M, KXTGA552M, KXTGA650, KXTGA6500, KXTX5050W, KXTG6500B, KXTGA650B, KXTG2314PK, KXTG5583PK, KXTH102, KXTH111, KXTH112, KXTHA11, KXTHA12, KXTHA17, KXTHA19
Radio Shack: 23-968, 43-9024, 43-9025, 43-9026, 43-9030, 43-9031, RS-230-0968, 23968, 439024, 439025, 439026, 439030, 439031, RS2300968
Sanyo: GES-PC619, GESPC619


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