CPH-505 – 3.6V 700mAh NiMH AT&T 2419/2420


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AT&T: 1215, 1225, 1231, 2115, 2120, 2125, 2231, 2419, 2420, 2715, 2725, 2820, 282H, 5630, 5633, 5815, 5915, 5925, E1215, E1225, E2115, E2120, E2125, E2715, E2725, E5600, E5601, E5603, E5630, E5633, E5634, E5815, E5915B, E5925B, E1225B, E2135, E2715B, E2725B, E5364B, E560-1, 00578
Dantona: BATT-2419, BATT2419
Empire: CPH-505, CPH505
Interstate Batteries: ATEL0011, TEL0011, TEL-0011
Lenmar: CB02419, CB-02419
Motorola: MD4150, MD4160, MD-4150, MD-4160, MD4153, MD4163, MD-4153, MD-4163
Olympia: CDP-24106, CDP-24200, CDP-24201, CDP-24206, CDP-24406, CDP-24999, CDP24106, CDP24200, CDP24201, CDP24206, CDP24406, CDP24999
Rayovac: RAY2419, RAY-2419
Sanyo: CLT-D6620, CLT-D6622, CLTD6620, CLTD6622
Vtech: 80-5542-00-00, 80-5543-00-00, 8055420000, 8055430000


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