CPH-488B – 3.6V (3X5/4AAA) 800mAh NiMH w/ B Connector


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Compatible Replacement for Batteries:
BT-446, BP-446, BT-1004, BT-1005, BT1005, BT-504, GE-TL26402, CPH-488B, BBTY0504101, BBTY0457001, BBTY0503001

Compatible with the Following Uniden Cordless Telephone Models:
DCT646 DCT646-2 DCT646-3 DCT646-4 DCT6465 DCT6465-2 DCT648 DCT648-2 DCT648-3 DCT6485 DCT6485-2 DCT6485-3 DCT746 DCT746M DCT748 DCT748-2 DCT748-4 DCT7488 DCT7488-2 DCX640 DCX700 DCX730 TCX800 TCX-800 TCX805 TCX860 TCX905 TCX950 TRU446 TRU446-2 TRU4465 TRU4465-2 TRU448 TRU448-2 TRU4485 TRU4485-2 TRU5860 TRU5860-2 TRU5865 TRU5865-2 TRU5885 TRU5885-2 TRU8860 TRU8860-2 TRU8865 TRU8865-2 TRU8866 TRU8880 TRU8880-2 TRU8885 TRU8885-2 TRU8885-3 TRU8888 TRU9460 TRU9460-2 TRU9465 TRU9465-2 TRU9466 TRU9480 TRU9480-2 TRU9480-3 TRU9480-4 TRU9485 TRU9485-2 TRU9485-3 TRU9488 TRU9488-2 TRU9488-3 TRU9496 TRU9565 TRU9565-2 TRU9585 TRU9585-2 TRU9585-3 TRU9585-3AWX TRU9585-4 TRU9585-4WX TWX955 TWX977 TXC400 TXC580 WXI477 WXI477R


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