FullRiver FT410L 12V 925PHCA 410CCA 28Ah AGM Powersports Replacement Battery


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Full Throttle Series High-Performance AGM batteries are made with high-compression cells, a heavy-duty case, and use pure-lead cells and thin-plate technology to deliver reliable power. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications… Full Throttle Series batteries are designed for exceptional cranking power, performance, and reliability.

Replaces: PC925, ETX30L, ETX30LA, YIX30L-BS, GYZ32HL, YGZ32HL, YTX30L-BS, YB30CL-B, YB30L-B, BCI Group 26

Group Size: BTX30L
Capacity: 28 Ah
Reserve Capacity: 48min@25A
PHCA: 925 A
CCA: 410 Amps
Dimensions: 6.50 x 6.93 x 5.67 in
Weight: 22.92 lbs.

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Weight 23 lbs