FullRiver DC245-6 AGM 6V 245Ah 930CCA 457minRC@25A AGM DIN 35 Deep Cycle Battery


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When it comes to Deep Cycle batteries, the details matter. Construction, plate chemistry, and craftsmanship all have to be in sync to get the longest life in the most demanding applications. Fullriver DC series batteries use more lead and heavier plates creating more reserve capacity and maximum life cycles. Whether you need deep cycling power for your Boat or RV, Golf Car or Floor Cleaning machine we have the right battery for you. Fullriver Battery, “The One that Works”.

Group Size: DIN
Capacity: 245 Ah
Reserve Capacity: 457min@25A / 120min@75A
CCA: 930 Amps
Dimensions: 9.61 x 7.48 x 10.83 in
Weight: 71.2 lbs.

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Weight 71.2 lbs