CPH-518D – 2.4V (2X5/4AAAA) 500mAh NiMH w/ D (A) Connector


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This model works with the following:
Vtech DS6151
Vtech LS6115
Vtech LS6115-2
Vtech LS6117
Vtech LS6117-2
Vtech LS6125
Vtech LS6125-2
Vtech LS6125-3
Vtech LS6125-4
Vtech LS6126

Dantona Batt-28443
VTech 89-1337-001
VTech 89-1337-00-001
VTech BT-184431
VTech BT-284431
VTech BT18443


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