Battery Tender 022-0234 12V 15A/8A/2A Multichemistry Charger (Part# BT-15A)


Battery Tender 022-234 by Deltran

15A Selectable Rate Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger

15A Rapid Charge / 8A Charge / 2A Slow Charge
Flooded / AGM / GEL

Interactive LCD Display
Seasonal Maintenance Mode
10″ L x 7.5″ W x 5.25″ H

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The 12V 2A/8A/15A Amp Battery Tender® selectable smart battery charger is powerful and versatile! Great for automotive, marine, industrial, and heavy-duty applications. Equipped with an LCD display for easy to read charging status, charging current, voltage, battery type (chemistry), and error messages. The charge rate selection button makes it easy to change from 2amps, 8amps, and 15 amps.
All Battery Tender® smart battery chargers automatically fully charge and maintain your battery safely for months at a time. It is as easy as connecting the hard-wired clamps to your 12V battery, plugging in the AC power cord, and selecting your charging mode of choice.
Battery Tender® smart battery chargers extend the battery’s life 2x or more.

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