NOCO GENIUS5 6V/12V 5A Smart Charger and Maintainer


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Multi-functional design allows you to charge in more ways.
TYPES: Starter, deep-cycle, marine, power-sport and more.
MULTI-VOLTAGE: 6-12V lead-acid batteries.
CHEMISTRY: Flooded, gel, maintenance free and batteries.
SUPPLY MODE: Reprogram ECU's, maintain power, or unequalize batteries.
REPAIR MODE: Recover old and damaged batteries, plus prime new batteries.
LITHIUM MODE: Lithium-ion batteries, including iron phosphate.


14 AWG Micro Clamps w/ Integrated 10mm Eyelets
Part#: GENIUS 10
Charging Current: 10A
Battery Capacity: 230Ah
Output Power: 150W
Charge Mode: 6V- 12V
Charge Mode: AGM & Lithium 12V Repair Mode: 12V Power Supply MOde 13.6V AGM Mode 6V
Dimensions: 4.41” x 4.76” x 9.10”
Weight: 4.17lbs

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