CTEK MULTI US 3300 12V 3.3A Charger/Maintainer


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Reliable, maintenance-free, 8-step system constantly monitors and maintains 12V battery charge
Won't overcharge or undercharge like common trickle chargers
Switches automatically to pulse-maintenance phase when full charge has been reached
Reduces risk of overheating, sulfation and premature battery failure
Makes use of an internal power supply during battery changes to preserve your vehicle settings
Restores the power capacity of stratified batteries w/ special Reconditioning Mode
Easy-to-use, quick-disconnect system
Includes 2 battery-cable attachment systems w/ Comfort Connect end plugs – charger plugs right in
Eyelet-terminal cable permanently attaches to battery terminals
Clamp-terminal cable temporarily clamps to battery terminals
Safe, versatile design
Approved for indoor and outdoor use
Prevents reverse-polarity mistakes

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