BLI-910-.9 – MOTOROLA V300 3.7V 900mAh


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Our part BLI-910-.9 also fits these models

•Motorola 600
•Motorola A630
•Motorola CLIQ 2
•Motorola E550
•Motorola MB611
•Motorola SSN5683A
•Motorola T300P
•Motorola TIMEPORT 270C
•Motorola TIMEPORT280
•Motorola V260
•Motorola V262
•Motorola V265
•Motorola V266
•Motorola V276
•Motorola V300
•Motorola V330
•Motorola V400
•Motorola V500
•Motorola V505
•Motorola V525
•Motorola V535
•Motorola V540
•Motorola V545
•Motorola V547
•Motorola V550
•Motorola V551
•Motorola V555
•Motorola V557
•Motorola V600
•Motorola V60C
•Motorola V60G
•Motorola V60I
•Motorola V60P
•Motorola V60S
•Motorola V60T
•Motorola V60X
•Motorola V65P
•Nextel I205
•Nextel I206
•Nextel I215
•Nextel I265
•Nextel I275
•Nextel I285
•Nextel I30SX
•Nextel I315
•Nextel I325
•Nextel I355
•Nextel I35S
•Nextel I365
•Nextel I415


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