MillerTech 12V 100Ah LiFePo4 Marine Sports Series DeepCycle w/ BT


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Are you an avid fisherman looking to take your game to new heights? Then look no further than the 12v100ah Deep Cycle Bluetooth Battery from MillerTech! This impressive battery has been the best selling product for seven consecutive years and it’s not hard to see why. With its robust and over built design, it’ll provide enough power to get you through even the longest adventure. Plus, with its fully optimized bluetooth feature, you can say goodbye to having to manually check up on it. Now you can keep your battery status at a convenient glance! The 12v100ah Deep Cycle Bluetooth Battery offers reliability and convenience like never before, so don’t wait another day – start powering your fishing adventures with MillerTech now!

Voltage 12.8V
Capacity 100AH
Weight 26.55 lbs
Dimensions 12.9″ × 6.77″ × 8.76″
Chemistry LiFePo4
Charge Efficiency 99%
Memory None
Low Battery Alarm Yes
Max Charge/Voltage 14.6V
Peak Discharge 300A-1-2 sec
Cut-off Voltage 10.5V
Max charge/Discharge Current 100A
Operating Temp 32F – 130F
Low Temp Charging Protection Yes
Connection Capability 4S-4P
Cell Type Cylindrical
Warranty 5 years

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Weight 26.55 lbs