Lester Summit II 36V 18A / 48V 13.5A Club Car Charger


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Recommended For Bench or Onboard installation
Model: Lester Electrical Summit Series II 36V-48V / 30600E05AKBS00B2 / 30600
Charger Type: Fully automatic (stops charging once golfcart batteries are fully charged)
Battery Type: Factory preset for lead-acid wet cell batteries but can be user configured for AGM/others
DC Watts: 650 watt
DC Voltage: Autochanges to 36 or 48 volts
DC Charge Rate: 36V=18 amps / 48V=13.5 amps
Weight: 8 pounds
Warranty: 4 years – Lester Electrical Limited Warranty
Dimensions: L 11.3″ x W 7.2″ x H 3.7″
Water Resistant: Includes a sealed aluminum enclosure that is resistant to rain & snow
Storage Mode: Includes an advanced winter storage mode feature (similar to a trickle charger / trickler)
Blue Tooth Capable

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Weight 8 lbs