Leoch LDC12-115-G31-DT 12V 118Ah 239minRC AGM Traction DeepCycle


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True deep cycle AGM-GEL technology-GREEN SOLUTION
Over 99.99% virgin lead for grid plate
Carbon active material
Electrolyte + Gel for longer cycle life
Heavy duty grid/paste design for deep cycle application
Maintenance free, non-spillable, valve-regulated
Double separator configuration :long cycle life & High energy density and super anti-vibration design
Low self-discharge for longer shelf life

12V AGM Deep Cycle
118Ah @ 20Hr Rate

239minRC @ 25A
95minRC @ 56A
65minRC @ 75A

Length: 12.99 in
Width: 6.81 in
Height: 8.35 in
Total Height: 9.33 in

Weight: 70 lbs