CSB EVX12260 12V 26Ah AGM True Deep Cycle VRLA Non-Spillable Battery


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The CSB EVX12260 battery is is designed especially for high-rate discharge use in electric vehicles, electric golf carts, wheelchairs, mowers, dust collectors etc. CSB is simply one of the best sealed lead acid battery brands on the market! Small volume, lightweight, and high discharge efficiency. Featuring a low self discharge rate which maximizes the batteries total life!

Voltage: 12V (6 Cells Per Unit)
Capacity: 26 AH @20HR-rate to 1.75V per cell @25? (77?)
Maximum Discharge Current: 350A (5 sec)
Maximum Charge Current: 7.80A
Length: 6.54 (in)
Width: 6.89 (in)
Height: 4.92 (in)
Weight: 19.06 lbs

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