6V 215Ah (M8) AGM Group 27 General Purpose Deep Cycle Battery


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Superior performance with Absorbent Glass
Mat (AGM) technology
• Safe operation with valve regulated, spill proof
• Unrivaled performance of delivered energy of
any battery in its class
• UL Certified under file # MH47790
• Rugged impact resistant ABS case and cover
• Ease of movement with integrated ABS
carrying handles
• Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A.,
F.A.A. and C.A.B. certified

L: 12.00in | 306mm
W: 6.60in | 168mm
H: 8.70in | 220mm
HT: 8.90in | 226mm
@ Weight 63.10 lbs (30 kgs)
@ Shipping Weight 68Lbs

Nominal Voltage..6 volts (3 cells in series)
Nominal Capacity (77° F (25° C))
20-hr.F.V.(1.75V/cell)(10.75A to 5.25volts) ..215.0 Ah
10-hr. F.V.(1.75V/cell)(20.5A to 5.25volts) ..205.00 Ah
5-hr. F.V.(1.75V/cell)(36.55 to 5.25volts).. 182.75Ah
1-hr. F.V.(1.75V/cell)(120.4A to 5.25volts)..120.40 Ah
Internal Resistance (approx.)..5 milliohms
Capacity Affected by Temperature (@20Hr rate)
40°C.. 102%
25°C.. 100%
0°C.. 85%
-15°C.. 65%
Self-discharge (remaining capacity % @25°C)
3 months.. 91%
6 months.. 82%
12 months..64%

ABS Plastic

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Weight 68 lbs