DVU-SON1 R1 – Universal Sony Battery Charger by Empire


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This model works with the following:
Empire BLI-153C
Empire BLI-173C
Empire BLI-180C
Empire BLI-206C
Empire BLI-209C
Empire BLI-246C
Empire BLI-247C
Empire BLI-253C
Empire BLI-263
Empire BLI-274
Empire BLI-287
Empire BLI-308C
Empire BLI-334
Empire BLI-351
Empire BLI-379
Empire BLI-380C
Empire BLI-395
Empire BLI-431
Empire BLI-455
Sony NP-BD1
Sony NP-BG1
Sony NP-BK1
Sony NP-BK1
Sony NP-BN1
Sony NP-BX1
Sony NP-BY1
Sony NP-F330
Sony NP-F550
Sony NP-F570
Sony NP-F730
Sony NP-F750
Sony NP-F950
Sony NP-FA50
Sony NP-FA70
Sony NP-FC10
Sony NP-FC11
Sony NP-FD1
Sony NP-FE1
Sony NP-FF50
Sony NP-FF51
Sony NP-FF70
Sony NP-FF71
Sony NP-FG1
Sony NP-FH100
Sony NP-FH50
Sony NP-FH70
Sony NP-FM50
Sony NP-FM70
Sony NP-FM90
Sony NP-FP30
Sony NP-FP50
Sony NP-FP70
Sony NP-FP90
Sony NP-FR1
Sony NP-FS10
Sony NP-FS11
Sony NP-FS12
Sony NP-FS21
Sony NP-FS22
Sony NP-FS31
Sony NP-FS32
Sony NP-FT1
Sony NP-FV100
Sony NP-FV30
Sony NP-FV50
Sony NP-FV70
Sony NP-FW50
Sony NP-QM71
Sony NP-QM91


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