DVU-SAM2 – Universal Samsung Battery Charger by Empire


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This model works with the following:
Empire BLI-352
Empire BLI-366
Empire BLI-371
Empire BLI-373
Empire BLI-377
Empire BLI-382
Empire BLI-386
Empire BLI-390
Empire BLI-405
Empire BLI-411
Empire BLI-412
Empire BLI-428
Empire BLI-434
Samsung BP-125
Samsung BP-1310
Samsung BP-210E
Samsung BP-420E
Samsung BP-70A
Samsung BP-85A
Samsung BP-88A
Samsung BP-88B
Samsung BP-90A
Samsung IA-BH125C
Samsung IA-BH130LB
Samsung IA-BP80W
Samsung IA-BP80WA
Samsung SLB-07A
Samsung SLB-07B


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