DVU-NIK1 R1 – Universal Nikon Battery Charger by Empire


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This model works with the following:
Empire BLI-201
Empire BLI-210
Empire BLI-211
Empire BLI-239
Empire BLI-267
Empire BLI-275
Empire BLI-293
Empire BLI-304
Empire BLI-320
Empire BLI-345
Empire BLI-354
Empire BLI-401
Empire BLI-406
Empire BLI-413
Empire BLI-422
Empire BLI-441
Empire BLI-454
Nikon EN-EL1
Nikon EN-EL10
Nikon EN-EL11
Nikon EN-EL12
Nikon EN-EL14
Nikon EN-EL15
Nikon EN-EL19
Nikon EN-EL1H
Nikon EN-EL2
Nikon EN-EL20
Nikon EN-EL21
Nikon EN-EL22
Nikon EN-EL3
Nikon EN-EL3A
Nikon EN-EL3E
Nikon EN-EL5
Nikon EN-EL7
Nikon EN-EL8
Nikon EN-EL9
Nikon EN-EL9A


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