Battery Tender 022-0209 4A Charger/Maintainer by Deltran (Part# BT-4A)


Battery Tender 022-0209 by Deltran

4 Amp Selectable Multi-Chemisrty Charger and Maintainer
6V or 12V
Flooded / AGM / LiFe04

Includes: 4A Battery Charger, Alligator Clips, and optional Ring Terminal Harness
12' Total Reach

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The fully automatic Battery Tender® 4 Amp is a top-of-the-line 12V or 6V switchable battery charger, 12V Lithium(LiFePO4) perfect for automotive, motorcycle and marine repair and maintenance shops. With 3x the power of the Battery Tender® plus this charger is versatile and powerful. Equipped with a simplified 4-Step Automatic charge process. All Battery Tender® chargers automatically switch from full charge to float charge mode. Reverse hook-up protection makes connecting your charger safe and easy to do. LED light indicators make selecting your charge mode simple.

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