BATT-23 – 3.6V 600mAh NiCD BP-T23


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3.6V 600mAh NiCad Replacement Battery for:

AT&T 24117
AT&T 3470
Bell South TL6502
Empire CPB-483
Energizer P7310
GE/Sanyo GES-PC915
GE/Sanyo PC915
General Electric BT-23
Jasco TL96502
Lucent Technologies 24117
Lucent Technologies 3470
RadioShack 23-271
RadioShack 23-295
Recoton T117
Saft STB923
Sanyo GES-PC915
Sony BP-T23
Sprint 89318
Toshiba TRB-9100
VTech 10-0900-PACK
VTech 80-3316
VTech 80-3328-00-03
VTech 80-4032-00-00

AT&T 9002, 9050, 9105, 9107, 9110, 9111, 9200
Belkin F8V186
GE/Sanyo 26305
Gemini TA266
Lucent Technologies 9002, 9050, 9105, 9107, 9110, 9111, 9200
Maxell MCP4053
Radio Shack 43-8009
Sharp CL9601D, CL9801D
Sony SPP-900, SPP-910, SPP-930, SPP-935, SPP-937, SPP-A927, SPP-A940, SPP-A940BK, SPP-A941, SPP-A945, SPP-A972, SPP-A973, SPP-A985, SPP-ID910, SPP-ID970, SPP-ID975, SPP-IDIM977, SPP-IM977, SPP-IM982, SPP-M920, SPP-M932, SPP-M937, SPP-S910
Southwestern Bell S60523
Tele-Phone TEL-1218, TEL-620, TEL-813, TEL-909
Toshiba FT-3806, FT-H916, FT-H916BK, FT-H918, FT-H986, FT-H986BK, FT-X988BK, RC006495, SX-2007, SX2007
Uniden EXS9950
VTech 910ADL, 912ADL, 912ADLC, 912DLC, 914ADL, 914ADLI, 915ADL, 916ADL, 916ADLI, 917ADX, 918ADX, 920ADL, 921ADL, VT 1900, VT 1901, VT 1910, VT 1910C, VT 1911, VTechVT 1920, VT 1920C, VT 1921, VT 1930, VT 1930CX, VT 1940, VT 1961, VT 1970, VT 1970CI, VT 2910, VT 2910C, VT 2920C, VT 2960, VT 2960CI, VT 9000, VT 9060, VT 9060i, VT 912L, vt1900, vt1901, vt1910, vt1910C, vt1911, vt1920, vt1920C, vt1921, vt1925, vt1930, vt1930CX, vt1940, vt1961, vt1970, vt1970CI, vt2910, vt2910C, vt2920C, vt2950CI, vt2960, vt2960CI, vt9000, vt9060, vt9060i, vt912L


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