AA-40 40ct AAs 1.5V Alk


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This bulk pack contains 40 Varta High Energy AA Batteries, the most powerful AA cell Varta produce.

Designed for use in high drain devices such as cameras and flashes, torches and children’s toys, each 1.5V cell weighs just 23.8 grams, measures 50.5mm in length with a 14.5mm diameter. Varta High Energy also offer a guaranteed storage time of 10 years, further boosting the relevance of these 40 pack.

Varta High Energy are single use batteries which cannot be recharged. They are compatible with any device which accepts a 1.2V or 1.5V AA, LR6 Battery.
AA, LR6, MN1500, PC1500, LR6/M, 4006, AM-3


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