MBTX30UHD – 12V 32Ah 390CCA Motobatt AGM Harley Davidson Black Case


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Harley Davidson Edition – Black Case

MotoBatt MBTX30UHD Battery Specifications:

Voltage: 12
Capacity: 32 Amp Hour
CCA: 385
Height (w/terminal): 6.89″
Length: 6.54″
Width: 4.96″
Weight: 22.48 Lbs (w/acid)
Max Charge Rate: 1.3A
Warranty: 1 Year

The MotoBatt MBTX30U battery is capable of replacing all of the following models:

12N24-3, 12N24-3A, 12N24-4, 12N24-4A, Y60-N24-A, Y60-N24-ALB, Y60-N24L-A, Y60-N24L-A2, Y60-N30L-A, Y60-N30L-B, YIX30L, GYZ32HL, YB30L-B, YB30CL-B, 52515, 53030, ETX30L

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Weight 22.48 lbs


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